Individual travel

For independent travelers who enjoy exploring on their own, we offer programs completely tailored to their individual wishes. Your customized itinerary can focus on whatever aspect of a particular region in Poland that interests you, such as history, architecture, art, gastronomy or any other topic. You enjoy the comfort and freedom of traveling where the mood of the moment takes you, with or without a private car and driver, and an expert guide. All you have to do is relax and enjoy every opportunity to meet the locals, taste the delicious food and visit splendid sites that are still unspoiled and not accessible to everyone.

Our commitment is to provide:

  • A unique itinerary for independent travelers
  • Exclusive venues when requested
  • Top-notch guides
  • Personalized service

Our guides speak English fluently and are licensed as guide-lecturers. They belong to our permanent team and are selected according to the personal interests and objectives of our independent travelers. Your private guide-lecturer will stay at your side for as long or short period of time as you like. You may want some guidance for the entire stay, or just for part of the time. The program is completely flexible and can be adjusted even from day to day. Your wishes are truly our command!

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