Baltic Gateway – About us

Baltic Gateway Poland was established in Gdynia in 1995 and provides a wide range of incoming and outgoing tourist services, for both groups and individual travelers.

An in depth knowledge of the Polish market allows us to offer you a wide variety of propositions from the different Polish regions. Being experts on Pomerania (where our office is located), we are the right partner for those who wish to experience the beauty of this unique region. Our Incoming Department will make sure that your journey  will not only be interesting, but entirely tailored to your wishes and expectations as well.


Baltic Gateway Poland
ul. Redłowska 52/9
81-450 Gdynia

tel. +48 (58) 620 21 48
fax. +48 (58) 661 61 04

Baltic Gateway  AB
Jörgen Kocksgatan 4
211 20 Malmö, Sweden

tel. +46 40 30 23 28

Skoltegrunnskaien 1,
5003 Bergen, Norway

tel. +47 469 741 40

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